Barbie Strapless Bodice

update - May 2012

The older version and photos of construction are still here. I had gradually become convinced that the strapless bodice should be better. I had all those nice letters from people telling me it worked for them. If I don't get any thank-yous for the new version I'll know leaving the old one up too was the right choice :-)

I just don't think that one version should really be for ALL the different shapes. So I customized the pattern for the four different body types. Here's the printable file for the new version where you can choose from 1966, 1999, Hobbit and Modelmuse Barbie shapes. This page explains the difference among the Barbie bodies!

Also, I decided I didn't like the triangle cut-out thing I had for the dart. It's better and easier to have a regular cut-out shape and mark the tip of the dart with a pen.

Please let me know what you think!

Older Version of the Free Pattern


Barbie_strapless_printable  - pdf format

It's just one pattern piece with 1/4 inch hems included!  Use a gathered rectangle for the skirt. 


Cut two pieces, put them right sides together.  Stitch 1/4" from the top and sides, clip the corners and turn, then stitch the darts. 

(Or, for a smoother interior, stitch the darts on both pieces first, then sew the two pieces together.)

A rectangle for the skirt... leaving a bit on each side to fold over and hem.  Then add velcro on the back. 

That's as done as this test model is gonna get. 

Another test model, with really elegant zigzag hem finishing... turned the wrong way too, in my haste.  You know you can do better than that  :-) 

I was trying to make sure it would fit all three Barbie shapes, the classic 1966, 1999 and 2006,
and it does. 

There it is on the 1966.