Six Petal Flower Crochet Motif

Amazing! From my imagination to a motiv that was exactly what I had in mind, on the first try. That’s not usually how it goes.

I’ll have a try at writing the pattern. If you see any errors let me know.

  1. With center color, ch4, join with sl st
  2. In the ring, ch3, sc, (ch1, 2dc) five times, join with sl st
  3. Sl st in dc, sl st in ch1, (ch7, 3dc in 4th chain from hook, 1dc in each of next 2 chains, sl st in chain) repeat around
  4. With petal color, (dc in sl st, dc in 3rd chain, ch1, dc in next chain, ch1, in 3ch loop (dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc) ch1, skip 1 dc, dc in next dc, ch1, dc in next dc) repeat around 6x, join with sl st

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