Update Nov 2021

Here’s the latest tidying of my website! I wanted it to be completely on WordPress since I’m about to move off grid and need to be able to make all my changes online.

Wait, does that sound backwards?

I’m going where there’s no power, so I won’t be able to run Dreamweaver on my desktop any more, but sometimes I’ll be in range of a cell tower or I can use the computer at the library.

Of course I tore the site apart in my usual enthusiastic fashion which is a pretty clean shred. I think by now it’s all back together more or less the way it should be. If you find broken links, missing images or any similar delights, let me know.

I love WordPress! I was having issues with the block editor when they first came out with it, but by now all the kinks are smoothed out and it’s very easy and convenient. What a cool thing to be able to edit pages right there on my phone! That way I can make barely-considered changes while lying in bed almost asleep.

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