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This website name was chosen as an exercise in self-acceptance many years ago. I thought I didn’t like my name, but that may have been because people called me by it when they were upset with me, and something else when they were happy.

I was born in western Washington 52 years ago. I thought it was okay here because I didn’t have anything to compare it to, but then we moved to north California when I was about 13 and I learned. Then got trapped up here again and been trying to escape ever since. There is a way out without leaving Washington– it’s called Eastern Washington, and that plan has moved to the preparation stage.

I’m decently smart if I pay attention which isn’t always. I have a variety of interests that keep me amused. If a few people are okay with me, that’s more than enough.

Internet publishing caught my attention right from the first. My diary and photos of my children went up instantly. That was back when an ISP came with hosting and your website was www.yourhost.com/~you.

Check out my personal blog that’s been around forever, https://janelwashere.blogspot.com/

The Barbie patterns came later. I do like the attention the free patterns have gotten me, and love hearing from people who find them useful. Sometimes on a bad day someone writes from Australia to say my patterns helped her and that’s an up.

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