Bellybutton Barbie V-neck Dress Sewing Pattern

Here’s a free pattern in pdf format to print.

This one can be a bodice to add a skirt to, or lengthen the lines to make a flattering princess seams dress. I appreciate a pattern that doesn’t involve shoulder seams. Every fiddly step eliminated makes it that much easier.

It has a simple, modest neckline and short sleeves.

This is for the 1999 Bellybutton Barbie mold or “Barbie’s shapely new curves” as the commercial pattern companies call it.

Stitch neck facing to bodice, right sides together. At this point you can determine a more round or V-shape neckline, or larger neckline or more modest neckline, by the stitching line. If you want a really low neckline you might need to cut the facing larger or longer than the facing pattern piece I provided. Clip, turn, press and top stitch the neckline

Turn up sleeve edges, press and topstitch. Then pin sleeves into armholes and stitch. I found that hand stitching works best for that part. The sleeve fits into the opening without gathering, and it’s easier to just sew it by hand than try to pin two contrary curves together.

Sew front and back darts. It’s a good idea to mark the top of the dart and start sewing at the top to make sure both darts are even, because a slight variation is so obvious.

This picture is after sewing the front darts, I’ll do the back darts next.

Then sew up the side seams and underarm seams all at once.

The skirt is up to you. Decide how much fabric to gather based on how thick it is, and style the Barbie gown of your little princess’ dreams.

Try the bodice and skirt together before sewing everything up– if you use a gathered skirt with a lot of bulk, you might have to make the back darts a bit less to allow extra room.

And then the back snaps or velcro and it’s done!

Or use the extensions to make a princess lines dress. The skirt is limited to knee-length but you can always add a ruffle.

Download the pattern as a pdf file

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  1. Ms. Washere,The PDF download link for the Bellybutton v-neck Barbie dress is not working.
    When I click on it it take me backto the main page for the 11.5 doll clothes.
    Thank You for any help on this matter. Cute patterns.
    Debbie Lake

  2. Omg. Thank you for these patterns. Most of the pinterest results for barbie patterns are for TNT bodies. I’m glad I found your site.

    Do you have belly button barbie pants, jeans pattern?

    It seems 2000s era fashion are coming back so I figured, it must be nice to have pants pattern that are Y2K teen style (flared pants?)..

    Again thanks!
    I observed your dress patterns for bellyB barbies can be converted to Y2k style if only the bodice is used. 😉

  3. You asked me some time back how the fit was on this pattern. I finally got around to trying it out on the newer body style. These rescue Dollie’s are all wearing a variation of the bodice. I did modify the facing to make it easier. Short sleeves are your pattern. I like to mix and match.😸

    1. Thank you so much for this! Those are just gorgeous! You are so creative. I’m glad to know the pattern worked well.

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