Sewing Pattern for 1999 Bellybutton Barbie One-Shoulder Dress

Free Printable Pattern.

Someone requested an off-the-shoulder dress. I only glanced at the email and suddenly had a great idea how to do that, and in a flash of creativity, produced this.

No, no, she had said “off the shoulder”. Oops. Well, I guess it was time for me to make Barbie a one shoulder dress.

By the way, it’s easy to make an off the shoulder look using the strapless bodice pattern by gathering a bit of lace and tacking it over the top.

Here’s the printable pattern in pdf format <– CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

That’s only the top part of the pattern. Use a gathered rectangle for the skirt or the skirt from the Barbie strapless dress. And it is in ROUGH DRAFT state. I’m going to do some more work on it and add some comments and instructions, eventually.

This doll is one of my favorites. I found her in the free box outside the front door of the local thrift shop. Did nobody want to buy her just because she’s purple and sparkly? That makes me love her. She’s different and flawed, yet uniquely beautiful.

Her wings are missing. Poor wounded fairy. The least I can do is make her a pretty dress.

My picture make her look pink, but she’s really very purple. I took her to several different locations indoors and outdoors but my poor little cam couldn’t get the color right. THIS is how purple she is.

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