Free Patterns for Tyler Wentworth

I made a bunch of outfits all at once when I needed them for gifts, and here I’m going to share the patterns. These are for the 16″ Tyler Wentworth along with Brenda Starr and many other Tonner dolls.

The white tops are the strapless bodice with lace added.

Here’s the basic bodice sloper and strapless top pattern <– CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Peasant top with long sleeves (The white one above I just cut the sleeves shorter and wider)

Instructions for Tyler Peasant Blouse

Remember to do any embroidery or sleeve trim before cutting the pieces out.

Sew sleeves to front and back pieces (one seam is shorter than the other, you can’t mismatch them)

Fold back edges over twice, the first time as narrowly as you can, the second fold about 3/8ths wide. Stitch up to form the lap on which you will later sew snaps.

Fold the neckline over just once and zigzag along it.

Hem the ends of the sleeves. If you’re doing a short sleeve version, the sleeve edging and gathering can be done in one step by carefully zigzagging over a piece of cord. Don’t pull the cord just yet.

Fold the sleeves over right sides together. Stitch underarm seams and side seams. (Then pull the cord to gather if you’re doing that.)

Thread some cord into a large needle and make a running stitch along the neckline to form gathers. Tie knots in back.

Hem the bottom of the blouse.

Sew on snaps and there you go!

Notes on the Short Sleeve Peasant Top

If you want any embroidery it’s good to do that before cutting out the pieces. I put the sleeve trimming on after cutting but before sewing.

Sleeve edging and gathering can be done in one step if you iron the sleeve hem over and lay a piece of small cord right over the edge. Then zigzag over the cord, but don’t pull the cord yet.

Sew the back and front pieces to the sleeves.
(The sleeve front seam is shorter than the back seam so you can’t mix them up.)

Iron the back sections over, first narrowly, then wide enough to sew snaps or velcro on. Stitch per the red line.

Go ahead and stitch the underarm seam and side seams, taking care not to catch the cord as you stitch over it. Then pull the cord to a comfortable size for the doll’s arm and tie a little knot.

Fold the neckline over just once, and zigzag near the fold. It’s a curved seam so it won’t fold perfectly, but that doesn’t matter because it’s going to be gathered.

For the gathering, get some matching cording and use a big needle to thread it around the neckline, leaving ends to tie in front.

Hem the lower edge and it’s done!

Sewing the Basic Bodice

To make a sleeveless basic top, cut out two layers and put them right sides together.  Stitch up the back, around the neckline and down the other side back.  Stitch around the armholes.  

Clip the curves at the neckline and armholes.  

Pull the back pieces through the shoulders, smooth it out and iron.  

Then just sew the darts and side seams, and it’s ready for a skirt to be attached.  

The skirt is a rectangle.  A good size to cut is about 9″ long and 14″ wide.  

Fold the side edges over twice and stitch.  Hem the lower edge.  

Gather the top edge and attach it to the bodice, lining up the finished edges of the bodice and finished sides of the skirt.  

Then overlap the lower portion of the skirt and stitch up partway.  Sew on snaps to complete the rest of the back closure. 

Crocheted Shawl for 16″ dolls

Using hook size B and bedspread cotton (size 10)

Note:  dtc means yo 3 times

1.  ch 7, dc in 1st ch, turn

2.  ch 7, dc in dc, ch 2, skip 2 ch, dc in next ch, ch 2, dtc in same ch, turn

3.  ch 7, *dc in dc, ch 2, rep from * 2 times, skip 2 ch, dc in next ch, ch 2, dtc in same ch, turn

Work like this rows 4-20

21.  ch 7, in 5th ch from hook sl st, *dc in dc, ch3, sl st in dc, ch 2, repeat from * across

Edge along remaining two sides working in every loop, sc, ch 4, sl st in sc, ch 5

Do that twice at the point (Row 1) 

Hope that came out right!  Doing it was easier than trying to write it down later.

German Dirndl

How about a traditional folklore dress? I made this as an entry in the county fair.

Here’s the dirndl bodice pattern to print

For the blouse, I used the peasant pattern with the sleeves a bit longer.

Cutting notes for the skirt, underskirt (slip) and apron are in the pdf.

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    1. Translator says you asked where to buy the doll– just look for Tonner “Tyler Wentworth” shape of dolls. This one is a Tonner Brenda Starr. Check for her on eBay!

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