Bellybutton Barbie Free Printable Dress Pattern

A lady wrote to request an off-the-shoulder pattern. I only glanced at the email and got a great idea how to do that! And produced this!

No, no, she said "off the shoulder" :-)

I guess it was time for me to make Barbie a One-Shoulder Dress, that's all.

Here's the printable pattern in pdf format NOTE-- someone has pointed out that the pattern needs tinkering, and I'm working on it! 7/23/12 -- give me a few days :-)

(BTW it's easy to make an "off the shoulder" look from the strapless bodice pattern by just tacking a piece of lace over the top after it's done.)

This is one of my favorite Barbie dolls. I found her in the FREE box at the thrift shop. What, nobody wanted her just because she's purple and sparkly?? And that makes me love her! I love things that are different and flawed, yet uniquely beautiful.
She should have had wings, but they're gone. Poor wounded fairy! The least I can do is make her a pretty dress.
I changed the white balance so this picture wouldn't come out all yellow (from the desk lamp) and inadvertently made her look pink. She's really very purple. I took her to several different locations in my house and outside, and my poor little cam couldn't get a decent shot of her. So I swiped a couple photos from ebay auctions... THIS is how purple she is.