Crochet Openwork Octagon Square Motif

Built from the septagon mat, but I decided to make this a separate post. I was so tickled with how the septagon design looked that I wanted to make some more using flower colors. Good luck joining seven sided motifs, so it had to turn into eight. But a square is simpler! While messing around I also changed the petals a bit to be all dcs instead of having two tcs just because I don’t like tcs, but that’s kinda random and I’m not determined on it. The previous petals were fine.

Blue and green octagon to square openwork crochet motif

Since I dislike those long, many-yarn-over stitches to form corners, I made four loops to dc into. I crochet mostly for relaxation. Dcs can be done without looking at them, hence are calming and the other things are not <– opinion. The only round of this design that takes any thought while working, then, is the round with the petals, as you have to remember to put corner loops on every other one. Other than that, easy to remember and brainless to stitch. If it was 1% more complex than this I probably wouldn’t do it. I do simple.

Here we go.

Octagon to square openwork flower crochet diagram

Explanation of rounds:

  1. Chain five, join to form a ring.
  2. (1 sc, ch 6) into ring eight times
  3. 5 sc into each loop
  4. (1sc into center of 5sc, ch 6) around eight times
  5. 7 sc into each loop
  6. (Skip first sc, into each of next two make 1dc and 1ch, then 1dc, then a 5ch picot, with the slip stitch right into the top of that dc, then ch, dc, ch, dc, and skip last sc) around eight times
  7. (Sc into first dc, ch5, (dc, ch5, dc) into the 5ch picot, ch5, sc into first dc of next petal, ch5, sc in middle dc, ch5) repeat around four times
  8. 6sc into each of all those ch5 loops

Did I type that out right? Let me know if you spot a mistake. I’m writing that down three days after losing interest.

They’re so pretty! But the idea is “solved” and I’m moving right along.

I actually thought of this (how to turn the septagon flowers into octagons in squares) before falling asleep and then lay there for an annoying hour on that edge of wondering if the idea would still be there next morning or if I should get up and write it down. Yes, I remembered it the next morning. Made these nifty little worsted-weight confections and then that’s it. Blog about em and put em away. Maybe I’ll find a great use later, maybe make a bunch in the same color pattern for a throw. Join-as-you-go would work well.

But I’m making cold weather gear right now! Winter is coming. Not this winter; for the rest of 2022 I’m back on the rainy side again, the west of Mt Rainier where the clouds pile up. It’s been pooping big piles of snow but usually doesn’t get below 20 F here. Next winter, God willing, we’ll be out in the c-c-c-c-cold in a trailer. Must sew.

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