• My First Barbie 13.5″ Free Printable Sewing Pattern

    My First Barbie 13.5″ Free Printable Sewing Pattern

    Oh guys, it’s been a journey, I must say. More about that later. At the moment I’m *grateful* that I still have technology enough to produce a reasonably decent printable pattern. We have moved off grid, kind of feels like we fell off the world computer-wise. I have Android and a little solar battery and…

  • Denim skirt for Barbie BFF 28″

    Denim skirt for Barbie BFF 28″

    By request! Here’s a cute country girl look. The crop top is the peasant pattern shortened a little and elastic added, and here’s a pattern for the slim denim skirt. That’s the first draft. I finally got around to testing it again! I’m off grid at the moment. At least I have my tablet and…

  • Barbie One Size Fits All Sewing Patterns

    Barbie One Size Fits All Sewing Patterns

    I see a real need for this. It’s a simple, quick dress to fit any Barbie shape. We have a pile of naked Barbies. They need clothes quick, and they should be able to share. Let’s go. Here’s a simple shift dress that pulls on, with a tie in the back. The other, a basic…


  1. Hi, I thought you should know that your pattern (rather the photos and instructions) for the Barbie doll halter neck dress are in 2 books I purchased online. Please contact me if you want more details.

    1. I do appreciate you sharing. That’s not unusual, and usually nothing I can do about it. Some people even thank me for my patterns and then copy them to sell.
      Honestly, it might be weird but what bugs me worse is people who make photocopies of “vintage” patterns still under copyright by the big three commercial companies and sell them as pdfs on Etsy which is not only wrong but egregiously illegal and Etsy won’t do anything about it although they could easily stop it. Some of those sellers have sold thousands of copies of Simplicity patterns, but it’s not within Simplicity’s means to go after each one of them in court. They ignore them like the small time pirates that they are. End rant 🙂

      1. I just wanted to tell you that I'd read your 'rant' and it stuck with me. I've stopped buying pdf patterns from etsy and other sites, opting now to wait for physical copies of patterns instead. I've also told friends who sew about this situation, and how it may ultimately hurt us all if it causes talented designers to quit making new designs for us. Most of us in the sewing community are really appreciative of the amount of work that goes into making random fabrics and threads into such beautiful clothing; Laying it all out, describing the steps, and making it accessible to us lesser-talented folks deserves reward, not frustration! I am perfectly willing to pay for what I want to use, but I want it to go to the person who earned it! I didn't like learning that what I thought were legitimate purchases were actually pirated patterns. I think most people would be just as unhappy to discover the same. Perhaps if enough people are made aware, we can end this practice, or at least force etsy to step up their enforcement of copyrights. They'll lose my business if not. Every journey begins with one step.
        Anyway, just wanted to let you know your rant did some good 🙂

  2. Good day Janel.

    I printed out your Barbie Doll patterns a few years back and only now have started using them.I just want to let you know that the patterns are perfect fits and I also alter them to fit all the different size Fashion Dolls that I sew for now. I am an ex dress designer with lots of sewing experience and stopped a number of years ago and was wondering what to do with all my stock of material etc instead of just selling everything off, I decided to start making Fashion Dolls clothes with the material, which a lot of is vintage. So thank you once again for your patterns as I only had the original Barbie Dolls to work with but I have now been buying secondhand newer versions of Barbie and Ken Dolls. I am selling the clothing that I make. Oh, and I have a lot of original vintage Simplicity patterns for Fashion Dolls.

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