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28 inch Best Bashion Friend Barbie free sewing pattern for strapless gown

Barbie Best Fashion Friend long strapless doll gown for home sewing

Free pattern for a basic strapless dress that can be made any length.

Note this is for the LARGE 28-inch Barbie doll, not the regular smaller ones. Those patterns are elsewhere.

Download and print the PDF pattern here     FREE for personal use

Instructions for Sewing

Cut two bodice pieces. One can be the fabric and one white for the lining.

Cut two skirt pieces separately for the back and one on the fold for the front.

The shorter lines are for shorter skirt lengths.  When I get around to testing those I’ll post a picture or you can always send me one  🙂

Lay the two bodice pieces right sides together and stitch up the back, along the top and down the other side.  Clip the corners right up to the stitching.

Two bodice pieces stitched

(In the first test I used same fabric for the lining; the later test has a white lining.)

Turn right side out.

This little white doohickey that I use often but have forgotten the name of works well for poking out the corners.

It’s nice to iron it at this point.

Stitch up the darts taking care to make both sides the same height. I included a seam allowance a hair more than half the width of a presser foot, so what I do is start at the bottom of the dart and try to sew up really straight until it goes off the fabric.  After doing it a few times the darts start to come out even.

Bodice is done.

Sew the skirt side seams together, then fold over and zigzag the back edges.

That’s because I’m still in fast-and-easy doll clothes mode!  Or do it some more professional way  🙂

Arrange the gathers so the skirt is the same width as the bottom of the bodice part.

In that picture I had too much fullness in front and not enough on the sides.  Try to make it more even.

Stitch on some Velcro or snaps.

Try it on the doll and pin below her butt, making sure the skirt is hanging right and that there’s enough room to get her out.

Carry it to the sewing machine and put the needle down through that point before removing the pin, then smooth the back of the skirt down from there and sew down that seam.

Again that’s not the “right” way but I’ve tried adding tabs like the commercial patterns so many times but they just NEVER seem to come out right for me and the skirt ends up hanging all stupid or with puckers in it.  So now I get the whole thing formed and on the doll, THEN finalize the back of the skirt.

If you are one of those grandmas trying to sew a dress for a doll you don’t have (this is a bad idea) then just leave the back of the skirt open all the way down, with a piece of Velcro about thigh level.  The skirt is full so will tend to stay closed.

And then put a hem  🙂

28 inch Best Bashion Friend Barbie free sewing pattern for strapless gown



  1. Veronica Williams-Pahl

    THANK YOU! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I am a beginner sewer, my daughter has this doll and we can’t find outfits anywhere. I had no idea how I was going to make “new clothes” for her. This is so unbelievably helpful!

  2. Nancy Brooks

    I cracked up on “grandma sewing for a doll you don’t have “! That’s me – and I always end up having to make over. Finally bought my own Barbie and borrowed an American Girl from a friend whose girls were too old to play, but couldn’t part with their memories. Pattern is great and very flexible for other styles. Thanks so much. I also gathered some tulle strips for the skirt and added a sparkly belt.

  3. Marjorie

    This dress is beautifully crafted! I however, do not have this size of a doll. I’m trying to master clothes for the 1.6 Barbie and Newer sized Skipper.
    How would I modify this pattern for 1.6 Barbie?

    • Janel

      You mean the regular size Barbie? Well I have the strapless bodice for that. Here, I can only link to my old page which sadly needs some work that I’ve been meaning to do for years now (but I’m getting close, I really am) At least the basic bodice shape is there if you can fake the rest.

      What do you mean new Skipper? I haven’t seen her, want to show me a picture?

  4. Rubi

    Thank you so so much for sharing your awesome work and pattern with everyone. I’m a beginner at sewing and have two little girls with tons of Barbies that need new cute dresses. This is so helpful. Thank you again.

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