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Karen's Artwork

child's painting of colorful scene of sunlit field, red flower bush, yellow flowers, trees and blue sky in the background child's artwork showing brown horse with white stockings prancing in a green field, with fence in the background child's painting of a bright yellow and orange tulip centerpiece with three other tulips, with greenery and blue sky behind happy little Karen the artist creates another masterpiece, this time with pastels Karen wins several ribbons at the fair Karen displays a painting she's working on, based on the calendar picture visible in the background Kpaintings_0505_2.jpg (42500 bytes) painting_K1628.jpg (48061 bytes) painting_K1629.jpg (71537 bytes) painting_K1630.jpg (71738 bytes) painting06_10.jpg (52874 bytes) painting06_11.jpg (76466 bytes) painting06_12.jpg (72667 bytes) paintingK10605.jpg (89797 bytes) paintingK20605.jpg (60538 bytes) 

New in 2008: