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I've gone back and forth several times over what to call this page  :-)

Karen's Art gallery of her work from when she was eleven years old

Here's pictures from my not-climb up Mt. Ellinor, the scenery was still a win

I did go up Mt Rainier successfully  :-) 

Here's the excellent story of how I came by a Pfaff sewing machine

One fine Saturday we made lots of things including pickled beets and a quilt top.  Here's the finished quilt

Trip to Leavenworth  photo journal of my mini-vacation 2005. 

How my new computer went together. 

Family Quartet:  my family singing hymns, and their best songs for free mp3 download. 

Some old web theme graphics I made from photos.  That's still my favorite style for websites, even though it's so eighties.  Maybe it works like clothing fashion:  just wait long enough and I'll be in style again  :-) 

Ron Paul Day, 2008 We got to see Ron Paul when he visited the UW!

Template for Printing Passport Pictures in Photoshop Why pay seven bucks when 15 cents will do it?

On Forcible_Music Lessons my big fat opinion