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Feedback and comments for the site

I love hearing from people who have tried my patterns, and it makes my day if you share a success photo!

Also thank you very much for error or typo reports.


  1. Susan Soll

    Hi Janel, I came across your swirl skirt instructions on Pinterest. Your skirts and dresses are amazing! I was actually looking for a swirl skirt but as a wrap skirt. That wouldn’t be too difficult, would it? Once I have the skirt layed flat, I could just cut it through and make a wrap skrit, no? I’m thinking of converting my dad’s old light blue shirts into such a skirt, what do you think? Will that material be too stiff?
    If I manage, you will get a photo!
    Best regards
    Bruxelles, Belgium

    • Janel

      Thanks, so kind of you! A skirt made out of different blues would look really pretty!
      I’ve never tried it, but cutting up through a skirt to make a wrap skirt sounds doable. You could add another couple gores to allow extra width. Have fun!

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