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Flowing spiral circle skirt jumper dress being modeled by a white teddy bear

All of my daughters are in their 20s and no grandbabies in sight!  And yet the urge to make little girls’ dresses is powerful. I decided to try a smaller spiral version although there was not, at first, any recipient in mind.

As usual, I started moderate before going more extreme.  The first attempt with a 4″ curved gore produced a modest, almost conservative A-line skirt shape.

Spiral skirt made from curved gores in alternating colorsAnother try, made into a jumper dress. I did have a better photo of it which I’ll try to find later, right now this seems to be the only one and I’ve gifted the original dress…

Spiral gores made into a jumper dressThen I saw and was inspired by the gorgeous Peppermint Swirl dress. The only difference seems to be sheer volume of fabric.  Okay– more pieces, and gather them a bunch, et voila.

View from the ceiling of full circle spiral swirl dress, modeled by a white teddy bear. The teddy bear was a gift from a kind friend who thought I needed someone to cuddle  🙂  and Mr. Bear is also very useful for a model, in lieu of baby girls.

Pink, purple and floral alternating striped sleeveless dress with vast spiral skirtThen I remembered a family at church who have such a vast number of granddaughters that I don’t even need to worry about size– just make one up and give it to them, it’ll fit somebody.

And it did!

So I made them another one.

Green and yellow sunflower sleeveless spiral dress for a young girlFlowing spiral circle skirt jumper dress being modeled by a white teddy bearThe bodice needed to be a bit more modest, so I removed the gaps at the armholes and made the neckline higher and added a button at the back of the neck. It turned out quite simple to do.

Here is the free basic bodice pattern as a pdf for printing at home. Be sure to print at 100% rather than “fit to page”.

And here’s the four-inch skirt piece.

You’ll need to sew three of these C-shaped pieces together for each gore for smaller sizes, or four for larger sizes — and 14 – 16 gores for smaller sizes or 18 or more for larger sizes. The number can be flexible, you can add more gores depending on how many different colors you want to combine.

Here’s a size 8 version of this with four pieces per gore, and a very cool back-and-forth pattern that was accidental!  I discovered I’d sewn two of the gores backwards from what they should be (the blue and pink positions reversed) at about the time I realized I hadn’t added enough gores for the larger size. So instead of picking it out, we added another color, the red stripe, in between, which I think is what really makes this one so stunning.

Spiral swirl skirt laid out before sewing together

And the recipient in full twirl  🙂



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