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Here’s another dress pattern to make your own outfits for Best Fashion Friend Barbie.

I’m sharing this for the benefit of all of you grandmas who need new doll clothing right now. I last worked on it in 2018. Here’s some clothes I made during the testing process.


Some of those have the side seams cut straight downwards instead of curved in.

As you can see it fits 28 inch Descendants too.  (A dress for Evie is coming SOON.) 


There’s a beach dress I cut out of a pregathered garment then added a wide ruffle. The garment was already gathered so that made the skirt wide.


Another long Hawaiian muumuu. 

Cute country girl Barbie. I think this was the first version I tried making more fitted, then didn’t like it and made a crop top instead. I’ll share that short skirt pattern here shortly. 

Another crop top version and that denim pencil skirt is coming soon, too. 

This one I made up just now using the dress extension that is in the pdf. I’m not entirely happy with the back, but it’s okay for now. I’ll probably put a pink ruffle on the bottom of this and then fiddle with the pattern more in the next version.


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