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I realize this is Thanksgiving week and there are a lot of grandmas out there who need some 28″ Barbie clothing in a hurry, so I’m sharing this pattern for you to test if you would like. In return, let me know how it works out for you. Call it a BETA VERSION. I’m planning to do more work on it later.

I made this draft in 2018. I think I used the skirt that comes with the strapless bodice. I didn’t mark how long I cut the sleeve.

That’s a previous version of the sleeve.

Here’s the file.


  1. Mary Hale

    I’m trying to print the black skirt with red plaid top and there’s no place to get that pattern. It prints everything but that! Is that a free pattern?

    • Janel

      Click where it says “Here’s the file”
      And also, when I went to double check that the correct file would open, I discovered I had reversed the file names between this one and the peasant pattern. Hopefully it works now.

  2. JUDY

    Thank you so much. I have your original strapless bodice and skirt pattern. I happened to see a Pinterest picture and it linked back to this page.

    • Janel

      Cool. I’m going to redo the original 11″ Barbie strapless pretty soon here, and repost on this new site. Thanks for the comment and Pinterest traffic 🙂

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