Pattern for Simple Medieval Dress

Free pdf sewing pattern for adult woman size Medium. I’m 38-30-42 inches.

I read the info about how to cut a medieval t-tunic dress the authentic historical way, but my attempts to follow didn’t come out very well. I would have had to adjust piece sizes forever until I achieved something like fit. But I can’t say I trust commercial patterns very much, either. They say to test with cheap fabric first and I usually end up not doing that. So I compromised by making up my own pattern, using a modern cut around the shoulders, narrow medieval-ish sleeves and then those triangle inserts for the skirt. I do love the idea of not wasting fabric.

This is about as medieval-looking as I need to be, and I’m sharing my pattern here in case it comes in handy for anyone else.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Pattern fits a 38″ bust. The waist is only slightly tapered and the skirt width is determined by the godets you put in.

My upper arm measurement is 12.5″ The cutting line for the orange sleeve produces a finished product that is intentionally snug on me.

Skirt godets work like this, from

Click the article for instructions of how to put them in. Basically you just extend your bodice pattern pieces to the floor, then insert huge wedges into all the seams to flare the skirt out. I only put them in the sides and back on this one, that was enough. I didn’t like to have one in the front seam.

This is the underdress made from the same pattern which shows how the sleeves are a little too long, which is what I wanted, and snug enough around the wrists to stay up. I have longs arms btw. If the sleeves are too long for me, they’re really long.

It hasn’t had the lower edge trimmed yet, but that makes it look even more medieval with the “puddling” at the bottom like in the old statues, where they have fabric piled up on top of their feet.

Blue dress made from this pattern, only changing the neckline to a round shape, and short sleeves. I added a gathered skirt which didn’t look right at all, but I love how the top and sleeves look here. Photoshop to the rescue, and the gathers are no more.

This is what the pattern looks like in Illustrator. It spreads over 7 sheets of paper which you tape together then cut out. Here’s the pattern in pdf to print.

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