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Bellybutton Barbie Free Printable Dress Pattern

A lady emailed a request for an off-the-shoulder pattern. I only glanced at the email and got a great idea how to do that! And in a flash of creativity, produced this!

No, no, she had said off the shoulder :-)

Oops. I guess it was time for me to make Barbie a One-Shoulder Dress, that's all.

Here's the printable pattern in pdf format NOTE-- someone has pointed out that the pattern needs tinkering, and I'm working on it! 7/23/12 -- give me a few days

By the way, it's not hard to make an off the shoulder look from the strapless bodice pattern by gathering a bit of lace and tacking it over the top.

This is one of my favorite Barbie dolls. I found her in the FREE box at the thrift shop. Did nobody want her just because she's purple and sparkly? That makes me love her! She's different and flawed, yet uniquely beautiful.
She should have had wings, but they're gone. Poor wounded fairy! The least I can do is make her a pretty dress.
I changed the white balance so this picture wouldn't come out all yellow (from the desk lamp) and inadvertently made her look pink. She's really very purple. I took her to several different locations in my house and outside, and my poor little cam couldn't get a decent shot of her. So I swiped a couple photos from ebay auctions... THIS is how purple she is.