What on earth caused this? Who could have poked these holes in our water jug? Maybe a woodpecker? 
I couldn’t imagine any dog that could reach up that high and make just those two distinct holes without any damage from the other teeth. 

Then looked at the other side of the table. Ha! 
Okay it comes clear. 

Bear tracks

Garbage strewn all over would have been easier to determine a culprit. 

And putting me in mind of bears, I want to tell you a bear story. A poor bear that sang on the day it died.

I’ve looked a bit on the internet but I don’t see much about bear song. Only “singing bears” in variety shows.

I looked it up later and found that bears croon to comfort each other or themselves when they are stressed. Wouldn’t they do it in a zoo, then, and someone could capture it on video? If you know where there might be a real recording, please tell me about it. I couldn’t find anything.

Well, I’ve heard it. And if that’s such a rare thing, then I should try to share what it sounded like. I can’t mimic it exactly. The intervals were not like ours. It was four notes over and over, a high down to lower, then up a bit then even lower.

Watching my video now, I’m displeased. It sounds closer to moaning, maybe because I was trying to do a bear voice. It was really more musical than that.

I want to add a funny detail. After the bear was dead and its body being winched up onto a trailer. My goodness but it stank! Only little Cindy had been free earlier in the night and treed the bear by herself. Now all three dogs were loose and they hovered around the dead bear growling fearsomely, and you should have seen the silly things, with their hair standing up all over their bodies. Did you ever see “Here’s a cow that’s been washed and blow dried”? All three dogs looked like that, with not just the hackles raised but every hair on their bodies sticking straight out. They looked like plush toys.

I would also like to talk about fear of bears. Somehow my darling is under the impression that I am scared of bears. I heard him mention it to various people. When I addressed it, “Do you mean ME?” then he tried to use logic to prove to me that I am afraid of bears.

I dunno. Am I afraid of bears?

Have I said so? He says I have. Hmmm. Well I do say things sometimes and not remember later.

The video shows me turn around quickly when a branch snaps behind me. Well, excuse me, there was a bear in my chair less than 12 hours earlier. Some caution seems rational. At the end of the video I said I’m CHECKIN’ (with an apostrophe rather than a G, because I’m from around here).

I didn’t say “I’m chicken.”

I’ve given up having stone hard opinions as much as I used to. Darling would laugh to hear it, I’m sure. He says I’m all rough edges and prickles. I suppose he must be right.

Wolves, now. Wolfies kinda creep me out. I don’t like the thought of the whole pack of bad doggies circling around with their hungry, glowing eyes, waiting for the fire to die down so they can munch and crunch on your amazing hands. That came from White Fang which I read when I was too young.

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