New Site! New Blog!

I always get excited about a new WordPress install.  It feels like a new lease on life.  A new year, a new page, a new blank canvas!

Oh, that’s right.  I don’t have anything to talk about.  I’m creating a post for design and organization purposes… and “please pardon the dust”  🙂

This year’s version of WordPress has me in raptures.  Everything is SO EASY.  All the minutiae and details that I had thought would be tedious and time-consuming are not.  Everything’s copy and paste and automated, and transferring is flowing like a dream.  The menu is working!  The redirects are working!

I wouldn’t have put off the transfer so long if I’d’ve known it would be this slick– but of course if I hadn’t waited this long it might not’ve been this slick.

What a neat little microcosm of life!  Maybe there’s a reason we had to wait until now.  So — no regrets.  HERE is where we are and NOW is the time we have.  Go forward!