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Janel's Media 202 Photoshop Assignments


Book Cover Using Layer Masks

Assignment:  combine images into a cover for a book or CD.  I picked Way of An Eagle by Ethel Dell, which I had just read, and been very impressed with.  Things were so different back then!  It's fun to read a story written when things we consider unusual now, like having servants, were common, and things we take for granted, like a car ride, were worth featuring in the story. 

About the novel: 

The Way of an Eagle was published in 1912 and by 1915 it had gone through thirty printings. The Way of an Eagle is very characteristic of Ethel M. Dell's novels. There is a very feminine woman, an alpha male, a setting in India, passion galore liberally mixed with some surprisingly shocking violence and religious sentiments sprinkled throughout. A modern day critic, Nicola Beauman, says: "Most modern readers will greatly enjoy The Way of an Eagle, for it remains the best kind of read for anyone wishing to curl up in an armchair...and wallow unashamedly in a book that is entirely timeless...I love to imagine my mother and grandmother sobbing over books like this."

It's an old-fashioned love story with some wonderful messages.  If you'd like to wallow too, you can read Way of an Eagle free here, at Gutenberg.

The lady is Gladys Cooper, an actress in the 1910s. I bet she'd make a great Muriel. 

Using Clone Brush to Remove an Object

I'm especially pleased with the slide picture. I used the pen tool to make a new shape of shadow to match the railing, and airbrushed some of the surface. 

Assignment: Create a print ad with layers, selections, and masks.  

Example of what we were supposed to produce. 

I picked pianos for my project because it's easy to sell a product if it's something you really like.
I used the pen tool for all the outlines.   Pen tool makes superior outlines!  It's a huge improvement over the way I was doing things before. 
Please note there's no reflection of legs in the original, but there is in my version!  I had to do each leg separately.  

And another one, with another great reflection  :-)

That's the elements, here's my finished result:

Exercise in applying filters.

Motion blur makes the fingers get busy! This poor typist must be using Qwerty, the keyboard from hell. Try Colemak for half the finger motion.

That was an assignment. Non optional. Arm photo provided by the teacher. I don't approve of tattoos, I wouldn't mess with this guy's beautiful skin! But if I had to give him a tattoo I might as well make it a good one. 

Multimedia Presentation

We were supposed to use a program like Photostory or Windows Movie Maker to make a slideshow with music about a global issue, chosen from a list. One topic was "Fabricating Incidents to Start Wars" and I immediately thought of the WTC, plunged in with enthusiasm, and after several days of all my available time, had gathered a quarter of the material I would need for half my outline and had barely started on the documentation. Couldn't do anything over the weekend, so the morning before the due date I produced this instead. This took two articles and two hours. Here we go. The title of this project is "Knowing My Limitations and Having Mercy on Myself"

I know the text goes by too fast in a couple places. I should have made a longer frame rate for those frames to allow time to read. I could go back and change that, but I might as well have some more mercy on myself. If you ever HIRE me to create a video for you, I will change each frame time to allow enough time for reading :-)



But about the WTC, I can't go without sharing an amazing video somebody provided me: Second Tallest Building Ever Imploded and some good further reading I found: link, link, link and link

Web Shapes

Making Custom Shapes using Paths and Text on a Path.  This would have been easier to do in Illustrator  :-)

Assignment was for shapes and paths, not to make an airshow poster.  I just kinda arranged my project that way. 

I wasn't sure the poster had enough text on a pathiness so I did another picture with more of it.

And there are my web icons... aviation themed! 

Slicing and Photoshop Web Interface Design

Using Photoshop to output a photo-based webpage with buttons. 
I did this one to match the gardening project video. I drew the carrots and rocks with my pen tablet.  It was so quick that way! 

Then I tried to make one that's more professional.  I accept that to be "professional" means doing things differently from the way I naturally do it which is very girly and blue and green. So here's a project with colors I don't like very much  :-)

And two other ideas I didn't use that are perfectly ME!