Janel Was Here

Media 201 - Photoshop

First assignment, just to loosen things up, was to "photoshop something", that's right, just make some images!  Is something this fun really what I'm supposed to be doing?

palette with blobs of paint

palette with pictures as paint


rusty old truck sinking into the riverbank

Layers and blending. Now we're getting somewhere!

collage Spring is Sprung the Grass is Ris I Wonder Where the Birdies Is

Using healing tools to remove scratches.  That's me mum and dad. 

A special drink for sale :-)

rambunctious energy drink bottled vigor of kids

The assigned topic was "Environmental Awareness". I fiddled around with this theme and that idea, nothing was happening and the due date was coming.

Then I got a big grin and did this! 

romance novel cover:  Hug a Logger, You'll Never Get Back to Trees

Next assignment, "Cultural Awareness". 

The reflection project. This is my backyard after a bad, bad flood!

Artistic photo frame project: 

Puppers turned into stone!  Digitally...

Did this from a tutorial: 

A new kind of perfume  :-)


Windows Movie Maker slideshow of all these pictures with Bach playing in the background. 
Medium Quality, 2.5 meg