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Media 111

Beginning Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash CS3.  A really fun class especially given that I already knew DW and PS, only the Flash part was new, so it was pretty easy and I could just play with the assignments  :-)

I did learn new things besides Flash, for instance the rollover buttons tools in Dreamweaver and the shapes and styles tools in PS that I didn't know how to use before. 

The coolest thing about this class was that the teacher had each of us pick a country "somewhere you would like to visit or that you know very little about".  I scrambled to claim Germany quick before anyone else could.  Later I realized I wasn't exactly making it easy on myself-- the final project was to make a webpage "showcasing" the country and how on earth do you summarize a place that has better brand recognition than McDonald's?  Everybody already knows about Germany, so they will basically be looking at my webpage not with curiosity, but only to see if they like the job I did.  I should have picked San Marino or Andorra.  Don't know what they are?  Curious?  Well, see?  Those would have been much easier countries to make my webpage about  :-)

You have to click the links to see the stuff.  Then use the back button to come back here. 

First project, embedding media objects in a webpage, using lyrics and video of a song of our choice.  Mine: 


Check it out.  The Youtube video I found to go with it is worth watching. 


Rottenburg am Neckar 

Click to see the page!  The buttons at the top aren't clickable.  A basic Dreamweaver assignment, it wasn't required to be about Germany but I was getting into the mood by then.  Yes I do know better than to use a background like that, I was just having fun  :-)

Photoshop assignment:  find a picture that needs improving and improve it.  When there's too much breadth it's actually hard to choose, so I just used a scanned picture from a magazine that was lying open on the table before me.   


That's good advice.  I've used about 10% of mine so far.

Then comes Flash movies:  I started making flowers because that's what I do any time I'm left unsupervised, then I remembered how incongruous that was right now and added some humor.  Click here: Janel's Flash Assignment   If you don't see anything moving, right-click on the Flash object and hit Play.

and Learning how to Shape Tween

Flash is SO COOL.  I am totally going to learn to do more with it.  You can make webpage elements, movies, games, advertisements.. 

We had to make an advertisement for a product.  I picked the product we've bought most recently and are all very impressed with.  I took a photo of the gadgey in profile, trimmed around it and gave some action.  Click:  Eats Shoots and Leaves 

  There's the picture I started with

Editing a family movie inside Flash with a shape applied.  It's cute!  There's sound, turn your speakers up.  Leaves 

The shape is an oak leaf I was working on in Illustrator for a different project.  See, it's all coming together  :-)

The most useful part about this class was learning to get stuff DONE. I thought it was just "me" to agonize over projects and never ever let them see the light of day because I thought they stunk. Turns out a lot of it was just lack of discipline. Since I'm not used to dealing with deadlines, I've never HAD to produce much of anything. I was free to be a tortured non-producing self-critic.  So being in a class with deadline after deadline makes me actually get some stuff out, and once it's done, I find out to my surprise that at least half of it doesn't stink. 


Yep, click on it and see if you approve of my interpretation. 

Final Project 

All new banner and buttons to prove I can make web graphics from scratch.  Next I'll prove I can exercise some restraint in the choice of colors  :-)  I had to write some blah-blah text about multimedia.  I put that off until the last second then scribbled it without looking. I still won't look back at it. 

Pretty banner I didn't use for the portfolio, but I should've. I'm really all about flowers and pixels  :-) 


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