Different Barbie Bodies

They have code names for these shapes.

Classic Shape – 1966

Has a barrel chest, tiny waist and 1966 stamped on her back.  It’s not really that her are so large, it’s the whole rib cage that’s out of proportion! And her waist is so tiny it looks painful.

Bellybutton – 1999

The new shape says 1999 on her back, and has a bellybutton in the front.  There are commercial patterns out for it now. Simplicity says it in code: “for Barbie’s new shapely curves”.
But that’s not fair to people who don’t happen to know the code, and innocently buy the new pattern and make a dress and try it on the 1966 Barbie (which is still most common) and of course it’s too small. I wish Simplicity would say it on the pattern in English, “Fits 1999 Barbie, does not fit 1966 Barbie”. Is that so hard?

The Hobbit Barbie

Stamped 2006 and is only 11″ tall instead of 11.5″. I don’t think there are any commercial patterns for this shape.  I’ve heard that many people don’t like her, but I think she’s really cute!  And I like the way her legs are attached smoothly, without cutouts in the thighs.


A recent body mold, found in the Barbie Basics line. Mine are stamped 2003/2008.